KSOP Doctoral Researchers
Portrait Name Job Description
Clara Rosa Adam
Synthesis of Copper(I)-complexes for application in OLEDs
Picture of Alexander Anton
Polarization Imaging for Intraoperative Diagnosis
Picture of Fernando Arteaga-Cardona
Modification of upconversion nanocrystals and core-multishell structures with organic dyes for generating enhanced brightness
Nigar Asadova
Inverse design of nanophotonic structures
Further development of STED nanoscopy and its application to subnuclear imaging on cells of zebrafish embryos
Picture of Felix Battram
Vakuum-prozessierte Multi-Kation Perowskit-Solarzellen
Daniel Baumann
Improving the Fabrication of Perovskite Solar Cells using automated Spincoating
Jorge Beltran
Ultra Small-angle Scattering for correlative X-ray and NMR time-resolved multi-contrast imaging
Frank Bieder
3D Scene Understanding in Urban Environments
Sören Bieling
Fiber-cavity spectroscopy of Europium doped nanocrystals for Quantum Information Processing (SQUARE)
Picture of Lintao Toni Fan
Development of a turbulence-free wind measurement system using optical methods
Picture of Jan Fischer
Dipolar Molecular Rotors in Surface-anchored Metal-organic Frameworks (SURMOFs)
Lilyn (Jingya) Gao
3D Laser Nanoprinting of Inorganic Media from the Gas
Puneet Garg
Homogenisation of time varying metamaterials
Picture of Idoia Garin
Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Lasers
Leon Geiger
Laser induced crystallization of proteins with structured light
Lukas Geschwender
Investigation of the role of the olfactory receptor 3’UTR in axon guidance using fluorescence and chemiluminescence based techniques
Mohammad Gholipoor
Three-terminal textured perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells
Sandra Glocker
Perovskite tandem solar cells
Picture of Fabrizio Gota
Light management and novel device architectures for Perovskite tandem solar cells
Picture of Jonas Grammel
Development of integrated photonic structures for efficient quantum emitters and spin-photon interfaces at telecom wavelength
Jannis Hessenauer
Yb ions in solids as optically adressable quantum bits and for optical refrigeration
Simon Hoffmann
Measuring the retinal vascularity based on Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography – Imaging and Data Processing
Ivanina Ilieva
Helicity transfer between light and matter
Albina Julius
Nanooptische untersuchungen an cyanobakterien zur bestimmung iher räumlichen steuerbarkeit mittels licht sowie deren geschwindigkeit und kraft
Camera based perception of road structures for automated driving
Kerim Köster
An efficient spin-photon interface for quantum repeaters using color centers in diamond
Picture of Lorena Krames
Registration in Laparoscopic Surgery
Felix Laufer
Machine learning approach to predictive in situ analysis of the perovskite precursor drying and crystallization for the upscaling of perovskite photovoltaics
Andras Lauko
Enhanced light-matter interactions for spin-photon interfaces with color centers in diamond
Optoelectronic signal processing for high-field EPR spectroscopy
Milada Mergel
Synthesis of Fluorescent Heterocyclic Scaffolds via Novel Skeletal Editing Strategies for Biomedical Applications
Ajaree Mongkolsittisilp
Development, Implementation and Application of Advanced Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging Techniques for Biology Funding
Jiaqi Ou
Inkjet printing vertical cavity perovskite lasers
Development of multi-focus Compound Refractive Lenses
Shalom Palkhivala
Label-free investigation of the dynamics of single nanosystems with optical microresenators
Ronja Pappenberger
High-Efficiency Wide-Bandgap Perovskite Top Solar Cells for Tandem Photovoltaics
Picture of Jan-Hendrik Pauls
Automatische lokale Plausibilisierung hochpraziser Kartendaten für das automatisierte Fahren auf Autobahnen
Raphael Pesch
Inkjet-Printed Perovskite Top Cells for Tandem Photovoltaics
Picture of Christian Rainer
Laser enhanced inkjet printing of organic photonic devices
Picture of Asu Rayamajhi
Measurement of glare situation under mesopic illumination in real traffic scenario
Picture of Lukas Rebholz
Maximally chiral optical cavities
Jeremias Resch
Effiziente und kohärente Einzelphotonquelle basierend auf Farbzentren in Diamant in optischen Mikroresonatoren
Picture of Michael Richter
Langzeitstabilität von Quellgittern für gitterbasierte Röntgeninterferometrie basierend auf dem Talbot Effekt
Kevin Rösch
Behavior based corner case detection
Design of novel Lanthanide Complexes with Porphyrin and Phthalocyanine Ligands as self-assembling Molecular Qubit for Quantum Computers
Caroline Röttger
Synthesis of novel coumarin derivatives with anti-neuroinflammatory activity
Picture of Sebastiana Ruisi
Investigation of the intracellular trafficking of guidance receptors in axonal growth cones
Lena Schäfer
Investigation of the mechanisms of neuronal hardwiring of the visual system in vitro
Marie-Louise Schubert
A digital twin for solar cells – the photonic perspective
Jasmin Seibert
Design of New N-heterocyclic TADF Emitter based on the Paracyclophane Framework
Savumiga Shanmuyamani
Exploring the tool of skeletal editing with (Bis-)Indole-piperdine-structures as new lead structures for drug development
Picture of Na Shen
Automatic installation and uninstallation of the weather sensor nodes on the electrical transmission tower using unmanned aerial system
Yinzhe Shen
Object detection and scene perception for video based autonomous driving
3D Laser Printing Below the Diffraction Limit through Two-Step Absorption and Depletion
Yu Tian
Hybrid Optical-Thermal-Photovoltaic Management for Greenhouse 2.0
Orlando Torres-Perales
On-chip White Light Generation with Adamantane-type Clusters
Picture of Julian Truetsch
Handling Edge Cases in Autonomous Driving by Training Depp Neural Networks on Augmented Datasets
Portrait Vasilenko
Carbon nanotube / rare earth ion molecule project
Shishir Voderhobli Chandrashekarholla
Structured light: X-ray beam shaping
Aleksandra Vranic
Photoinitiatoren für 3D-Druck
Picture of Miriam Weiss
Quantitative Optical Coherence Flowmetry
Suocheng Zhao
Quantum state preparations in hybrid quantum systems
Roman Zvahelskyi
In-situ 3D optical coherence tomography during 3D multi-photon laser nanoprinting