Industry Lecture by ZEISS - Business Innovation in Optics & Photonics

At KSOP you have the opportunity to attend an industry lecture instructed and presented by external innovation specialists of Research & Development, business and management departments of ZEISS. Here you will work in groups to create a new business idea.

Entrepreneurial thinking is needed in any technologically driven company today. Acquire this competence within the lecture "Business Innovation in Optics & Photonics" by working in a team on your own business idea. Learn from the innovation experts of ZEISS and get in touch with an attractive employer. At the end of the course, pitch your own business idea in front of ZEISS managers. The best teams get the chance to continue working on their projects after the lecture in the student lab of the ZEISS Innovation Hub ∂ KIT at Campus North. The lecture is open to Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

Focus Topic

In WS 2021/2022, the lecture focuses on sustainable business models for eye care. Learn about current trends and global challenges in a meaningful field of healthcare and develop a business model that puts sustainability in the center.

Lecture Highlights

  • Learn from senior experts in the morning and apply the knowledge to your own project during the group working sessions in the afternoon.
  • Apply Design Thinking methods and learn how to develop a business model
  • Lecture takes place at the ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT at Campus North (if Corona situation allows it)
  • Best teams get the chance to continue working on their projects after the lecture at the ZEISS Innovation Hub at KIT

Participant Experience


lecture participant Hend K.

“The business innovation course was amazing. It was one of the most enjoyable courses I've ever had and was such a valuable insight into the industry mindset. The organization and mentorship were beyond amazing and the mentors really did a great job in helping us apply what we learn every day and giving us constructive feedback on our business ideas.”


Day 1: Introduction to eye care and sustainable business models (Oct. 11, 9:00-17:15)
  • Introduction into physics and physiology:
    Part 1: Ophthalmic optics. Part 2: Pathologies and technologies
  • Global trends and challenges in vision care
  • Sustainable business models: Taxonomies and patterns
Day 2: Introduction to Design Thinking (Oct. 12, 9:00-17:15)
  • Fundamental principles and stages
  • Methods and interview techniques
Day 3: Business Case Development (Oct. 13, 9:00-17:15)
  • Developing a business case with the help of the Business Model Canvas
  • Writing a business plan
Day 4: Pitch preparation (Oct. 14, 9:00-17:15)
  • Writing an elevator story
  • Preparing an elevator pitch
Final Pitch (Oct. 22, 9:00-13:00)
  • Presentation of results of the group work to the new business experts committee of the Carl Zeiss AG

Please register for the lecture via ILIAS.