KSOP Summer School

KSOP is known for teaching latest advancements in Optics & Photonics. For keeping our students updated we invite them every second year to follow us in the fascinating world of Optics & Photonics.
Picture of lecturer during a KSOP Summer SchoolKSOP, KIT

Alternating with the Karlsruhe Days of Optics & Photonics (KDOP), we reserve two days in the year inviting leading experts in Optics & Photonics, students, doctoral researchers and young scientists also from other universities and research institutes for staying in a nice environment for exchanging undisturbed on the recent research state-of-the-art in Optics & Photonics.

The international key speakers share their knowledge in lectures, poster sessions and discussions.

The great success of the last Summer Schools show that they are an ideal way to gain a broad insight into the different research areas of KSOP, to develop new ideas oneself and to build up your network in the Optics & Photonics environment.

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KSOP Summer School 2022

September 29-30 in Bad Herrenalb, Germany

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