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Besides scientific and technical knowledge, leadership and management skills are often required for a successful career in industry. Get an overview on all offered academic and management modules.

Management expertise often has a positive impact on career possibilities, especially when switching from academia to the industrial sector. Thus, the Management Modules offered by the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management External Link are an integral part of the KSOP as they teach these valuable management skills qualifying the doctoral researchers to become the decision-makers of tomorrow.

Being able to choose out of seven units, participants will learn new and applicable skills e.g., project management, human resource management and marketing. It will be counted as a management module towards the KSOP PhD Degree.

PhD candidates in KSOP are obliged to participate in at least one management module of their choosing. Limited number of slots in the MBA fundamentals program are available upon application. If you would like to participate in the complete MBA Fundamentals Program, please find the information here.

Define your own research work using supporting project management tools. You will learn how to determine time and resource constraints to proceed in the most efficient manner possible. This will help you to maintain a peace of mind while doing your research work and delivering your output on time.

Hit the ground running with additional knowledge gained in Finance and Accounting, and Entrepreneurship: Both corporations and academic institutions expect their leaders to have a clear understanding of corporate metrics,  accounting practices, financing and ethical issues. Enhance your ability to communicate with the different departments and understand requirements set out by them for your work.

Prepare for your future career and become a strategic analyst. Marketing is key in all business areas and of growing importance in academia. It is necessary to learn relevant aspects and strategies in the field of marketing as even good products can fail if introduced improperly into the market. Learn how decisions are made in general and how you can make  the right decisions in any given situation.

You can use the methods of Human Resource Management and Leadership with your Bachelor and Master students as well as technicians you supervise. Applying the new tools will help you in your daily work: build and guide your team and get results on time. Learn more about Human Resource Management and gain the required skills for your Postdoctoral leadership career.

Discover the hidden potential of Digital Transformation either within your own spin-off or as part of a company´s digital transformation. Understanding the principles and techniques in Data Analytics will give you an edge in making better decisions as a leader either in academia or industry.

Unveil the secrets of Operations Management in order to understand the challenges companies are facing nowadays i.e. in the context of Supply Chain Management.

Have a great research topic? Learn about the basic pillars of successful start-ups. Spin out your own technology based company and learn how to let it grow, protect your ideas and start your personal journey into business opportunities.

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