Reasons to Apply Early

Are you thinking of applying to the Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics (KSOP) and are not sure what the benefits are for applying early? Take a look at the following reasons why applying early could be the right decision for you!

Sandra Göttisheim, KIT

1. Increase Your Chances of Admission

When applying to KSOP you are competing with students from around the world. By applying as soon as possible, you can increase your chances of being admitted earlier. 


2. Receive Your Visa in Time

Applying for a student visa can take a long time. Students in the past unfortunately missed out on studying with us because they did not receive the visa in time. Don't let that be you! With early admission you can begin the visa process sooner to make sure you have a smooth start to your first semester.

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3. Financial Clarity

If you are admitted to KSOP you will have additional time to apply for a scholarship, if needed.

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4. Plan Ahead of Schedule

In order to live and study in Germany, you will need German health insurance and a German bank account. Once you receive admission, you can already research the different health insurances and banks to make a stress-free decision based on what's best for you. Important to note: you can only sign up for the German health insurance and German bank account upon arrival in Germany. 

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5. Securing Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Karlsruhe can be challenging. Once you receive your admission you can already begin to look for accommodation. Of course, KSOP Student Office will provide you with some tips!

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6. Enjoy Personalized Guidance

Throughout the admission process the KSOP Admissions Department will be in contact with you and assist you on your way to your start as a KSOP master student in Karlsruhe!

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