PhD Student Voices

The KSOP PhD Program comprises the research project leading to a PhD thesis, compulsory modular training as well as a strong network in research and industry. Read what our PhD Alumni have to say about the Program.

Dr. Ninette Stürzl
“The reason why I joined KSOP was that I hoped to broaden my horizon. And that is exactly what happened: During the PhD seminars and the Management and Technical Modules, I gained
insight into more applied approaches which I, as a scientist in basic research, would not have obtained so easily otherwise. In plus, KSOP made it possible to attend various international conferences and also financed a visiting research fellowship at Peking University, allowing me to adopt a more global perspective.”

Dr. Tobias Großmann
“KSOP has supported me from the beginning of my PhD, starting with a scholarship, which was a great financial help to start my research. In addition, my work benefited from contacts to other young scientists in the optics field which were mediated by KSOP and lead to several fruitful collaborations
with other institutes within KIT.”

Dr. Tolga Ergin

“Taking part in KSOP’s PhD program turned out to be an excellent opportunity to look beyond the frontiers of one’s own studies. KSOP offers a platform to get to know a variety of people from different disciplines and provides a broad program of advanced vocational training courses. These courses are particularly valuable, and it is my experience that people in the industry share this opinion.”

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