Pupils Support - Physics Labaratory for Pupils

KSOP is supporting the Physics Laboratory for Pupils (PSI), which provides modern physics experiments, primarily concerned with optics and photonics topics. It includes experiments such as optical tweezersnitrogen lasermicrostructuring, and spectrometer.

The high-school students can either visit the lab with their teachers or for special courses for highly gifted students or hands-on trainings prior to university studies. All experiments are supervised by student assistants who are partly funded by KSOP. PSI’s aim is to spark interest in natural sciences and to promote young talents. Over the last two years the lab was visited by about 400 high-school students and more than 100 teachers (for teachers’ training courses). Furthermore, the lab staff offers optical tweezer seminars and research projects for KSOP master students.

The PSI was established by the Department of Physics in July 2009. The setting up of the lab was supervised and supported by Prof. Dr. Kurt Busch and Prof. Dr. Heinz Kalt, both KSOP principal investigators, as well as Prof. Dr. Günter Quast.