City of Karlsruhe

Founded in 1715, Karlsruhe is situated in Southwest Germany, close to the borders of France and Switzerland, and has a population of almost 300,000 residents.
Karlsruhe Palace

Karlsruhe - Hidden Jewel in the Heart of Europe

In general, Germany is not known for being the world’s sunniest country. However, the region surrounding Karlsruhe is the exception to the rule. The winters are mild and summers offer the perfect weather to enjoy a day out swimming.

Breathtaking Natural Beauty & Culture

With the Black Forest located in the south and the famous Rhine River to the west, the region surrounding Karlsruhe offers plenty of opportunity for relaxing in the natural beauty of south Germany. The theaters and museums in and around Karlsruhe cater to the cultural needs and one of the largest annual German open-air festival "Das Fest" is also held in Karlsruhe. The Museum of Natural History, the internationally renown Center for Art and Media (ZKM) as an unique museum of modern media, or the Baden State Theatre are only a few examples.

Thriving Business and Technology

Karlsruhe is also one of the most dynamic high-tech areas in Europe – several major companies such as Bosch, Siemens, Daimler and Michelin have their production facilities here. Numerous mid-sized businesses have been established in the fields of computer science, multimedia, controls systems, energy technology, environmental science and nanotechnology.

The research strength of the region is also due to the backing of Baden-Buerttemberg: the state ranked first in a 2022 comparison of 90 regions in the EU concerning the intensity of research and development.

Beautiful Architecture of "Fächerstadt"

The nickname "Fächerstadt" (Fan City) was given to Karlsruhe due to its unusual architectural design. The aerial view reveals that 32 roads extend outwards from the Palace, which was the center of cultural activity during the Baroque period, in a star-like formation. This type of architectural design was the Inspiration for urban planning of other metropolises, such as Washington D.C.

Excellent Public Transportation System

Karlsruhe´s extensive, convenient and easy-to-use public transport system serves not only the city itself, but also the surrounding area within a 70 kilometer radius. Main airports like Frankfurt International Airport can be reached within one hour by train.

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