Ph.D. Seminars


The plenary Ph.D. seminar developed into one of the top rated KSOP measures. It has evolved into an efficient tool to foster the exchange of knowledge among our doctoral researchers. The seminars are scheduled 3-4 time per year and are organized by the KSOP mentors. Usually three to four 15 min presentations in front of the doctoral peers are held. These are chosen to broadly cover the subjects of each Research Area. The talks are supposed to introduce the multidisciplinary audience into the field, highlight the instrumentation and methods used, and stimulate discussions on the recent findings and challenges within the respective projects. We believe that this approach trains the communication capabilities, which are of major importance for successful collaborations in all multidisciplinary research teams. The presentations tend to stimulate discussions and the establishment of new contacts in the subsequent informal get-together.

Next Ph.D. Seminar: June 11, 2024

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