International Department

HECTOR Auditorium at the International Department

The International Department (ID) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology was founded as a private service institution in 1999 by an industry circle at the former University of Karlsruhe. It coordinates English-taught degree programs and provides a high level of service to international students including a dormitory for students.

By establishing the International Department, the former University of Karlsruhe positioned itself as a pioneer in the internationalization of teaching and research in Germany. The five schools hosted under the umbrella of the International Department offer English-taught Bachelor, Master, Executive Master, and Ph.D. programs that incorporate the excellent teaching of KIT and build upon close cooperation with relevant industries.

In global competition, the need for internationally qualified employees is growing; employees who are not only specialists in their competence field but also possess management know-how and soft skills in intercultural management. All schools therefore provide a tailored training program reaching from management training as well as technical modules, industrial internships or networking events, to language courses and workshops on social competencies.

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