Mentoring Ph.D. Program

One of the core parts of the KSOP Ph.D. Program forms an elaborated mentorship concept.

One of the most important measures introduced in KSOP has been the mentoring by postdoctoral or younger staff scientists. Once every semester each doctoral researcher meets with his mentor in a formalized confidential meeting which is documented with minutes.
The purpose of these meetings is to define useful training measures and project milestones for the upcoming semester. In addition, any personal problems within the Ph.D. project are discussed. The KSOP learned that the relation of trust established in these meetings helps to find a practical solution already at an early stage of a problematic development.

Each doctoral researcher will have interdisciplinary thesis advice and cross-links provided by the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC consists of a Ph.D. Supervisor, a KSOP Advisor, a Mentor, and the doctoral researcher.
The regular TAC meetings will ensure a rapid progress and a successful thesis completion during three years.

KSOP Mentors & Staff Scientists
Portrait Name Responsibilities KIT Institute
Staff Scientist Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
Staff Scientist Zentrum für Sonnenenergie und Wasserstoffforschung (ZSW)
Franco Weth
Mentor Research Areas "Biomedical Photonics" & "Quantum Optics and Spectroscopy" & "Solar Energy", Staff Scientist Institute of Zoology I
Nils Rosemann
Mentor Research Area "Solar Energy", Staff Scientist Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
Picture of Alexander Colsmann
Staff Scientist Light Technology Institute (LTI)
Picture of Andreas-Niel Unterreiner
Staff Scientist Institute of Physical Chemistry, Group of Molecular Physical Chemistry
Picture of Andreas Naber
Staff Scientist Institute of Applied Physics, Group of M. Wegener
Picture of Danays Kunka
Mentor Research Area "Photonic Materials & Devices", Staff Scientist Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
Picture of Martin Lauer
Mentor Research Area "Optical Systems", Staff Scientist Institute for Measurement and Control Systems
Picture of Michael Hetterich
Staff Scientist Institute of Applied Physics (APH)
Man smiling behind a laptop Shutterstock
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Danays Kunka KIT

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