Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics


KSOP has been established as a bridge between science and industry. KSOP members, professors, students-to-be and industry partners can find upcoming and past events here.

KSOP events present a platform where students, scientists and representatives from industry interchange on latest O&P topics in lectures and face-to-face discussions.


In our news section we offer our followers recent articles around KSOP and the O&P industry by allocating a newsletter, a news archive and a media section:

The KSOP newsletter enables staying updated on recent O&P and KSOP topics even when not being around in Karlsruhe.
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Want to get an overview on all KSOP news that were posted on the starting page? In the news archive you find a review on all previous KSOP news.

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The media section offers you an insight into KSOP events and novelties by providing you with interesting pictures and videos around KSOP. Please check pictures of recent events also at our facebook page.
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