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Graduate School of the KIT
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KSOP Doctoral Researchers
Portrait Name Job Description
Abdo Miniaturization of a hyperspectral imaging system
Abzieher Evaporative Preparation of Perovskite-Based Absorbers for Thin Film Solar Cells
Adams Ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy
Baroni SURMOF-based Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Muriel Bechu Experiments on the optics of coupled semiconductor-metal and semiconductor-superconductor nanostructures
Johannes Beck Lane track detection in urban environments using image perception
Deski Beri Silicon Nanocrystals for Photonic Applications
Bild Bralovic, Nikola Light Management in printed solar cells
brendle Spectroscopic and mass spectrometric investigations of porphyrin-ions in gas phase
Philipp Brenner Hybrid organic-inorganic and fully-inorganic solution processible optoelectronic devices based on nanoparticles
bumueller Electron diffraction on ionic clusters in gas phase for the identification of structure-based properties
BILD Synthesis of Cu-complexes for OLED applications
  Development of medium temperature low cost Fresnel collectors
doerner Multiplexing of Superconducting Nanowire Single–Photon Detector Arrays
Dottermusch 3D Nanostructure Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells
Eckert Super-resolution localization microscopy: Advancing the technology and applying it to biomolecular dynamics at the cell membrane
Amos Egel Simulate the Outcoupling of Light from white OLEDs through Nanosctructures
Faisal X-ray gratings with sub-micrometer dimension for highest resolution phase contrast and dark field tomography
fechner Thermomechanischer Nanoaktor für nanophotonische Bauelemente
Frenzel Mechanical Metamaterials beyond classical continuums mechanics
Fritz Light management in optoelectronic devices
Xavier_Santiago Design of optimal nanostructures through shape optimization algorithms
habermehl Novel sensor systems based on printed (opto-) electronics
Vincent_Hahn Conceptual Development of 3D Laser Lithography
Melanie_Helmer Ambient interior lighting
Hippler Biomedical Photonics
Hofsäß Synthesis and assembly of DNA-templated chromophore aggregates for light harvesting
huber Advanced Spectroscopy
Robert Huber Development of microfluidic fluorescence quenching sensors.
Hundemer Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Acceptor modified TADF Emitters
p.jahn iLaS” intelligent laserlight for compact, high-resolution, adaptive headlamps
Marius_Jakoby Light-harvesting using Metal-Organic Frameworks: Synthesis, Characterisation, Application
Janosovits Optical Lane-Level Localization for Automobiles
Reetu_Joseph Efficiency Enhancement of Third Generation Solar Cells by Employing Upconversion and Novel Cell Structure
Nils_Jürgensen Biodegradable Printed Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells
  Novel lanthanide-based probes for biomedical and lighting applications
Markus Kantona Profilbild Near-field Photogoniometry
Katumo Down-Conversion Thin-Films for Ultra-High Efficiency Photovoltaic Devices
kern Experimental realization of metamaterials showing Hall-effect sign-inversion
Carolin_Klusmann Optical Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonators for Biosensing Applications
Willi_Kogler Characterization and optimization of Cd-free processed, high-efficient kesterite solar cells from vacuum-free processes
Daria Kohler Fabrication and fuctionalization of integrated sensor arrays for parallel biosensing applications
Kornemann Development of a compound refractive X-ray zoom lens
Malte_Langenhorst Cloaked contact grids of silicon/perovskite multijunction solar cells
Sheying Li Photovoltaic–powered membrane filtration system for brackish water desalination
PICTURE Hyperresolution in Grating based X-ray interferometry
manz TBA two specific RNA molecules
  Chip-Scale Frequency Comb Sources for Teratronics and Tbit/s Communications
Otto Markus X-ray Condenser Optics and Beam Shaping
MayerF Photonic Materials and Devices
Henning Mescher Printed x-ray detectors
Tobias Messer STED inspired and lamda-orthogonal laser lithography
Mnasri Nonlocal homogenization theory of Metamaterials
somayeh_moghadamzadeh Perovskite solar cells
Hussain Nanophotonic Semitransparent Perovskite Solar cells for Multijunction PV devices
Patrick Müller Enhancement of Direct Laser Writing technology for fabricating micro- and nanoscale 3D structures
Lwitiko Kesterite Thin Films for Solar Cells: Effect of Sulphur in the Precursor and Processing Conditions on Growth and Properties of Sputtered Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films
BILD Stromversorgung über Glasfasern: Ein Beitrag zur Technik des Freileitungsmonitoring
Naber Eulerian Video Processing for intraoperative diagnosis
Radius Nagassa  
Stefan Nanz Tailored disorder of textured interfaces
Fernando Negredo Analysis of 3D freeform dielectric waveguides.
Aleksandar Nesic Nanophotonic systems for reconfigurable ultra-fast signal processing
Neuwirth Development of kesterite-based thin-film solar cells
Duc Nguyen Spatially free 3D-structured optical waveguides in photosensitive polymers using two-photon laser lithography
  Tailored Disorder
Opolka Development of multi-focus Compound Refractive Lenses
Oppermann Quantum description of scattered light in nanophotonic systems
Anna Owyan Integrated single photon emitters in CVD diamond nano-photonic structures
  Automatische lokale Plausibilisierung hochpraziser Kartendaten für das automatisierte Fahren auf Autobahnen
Stefan Pollnow Simultaneous Optical and Electrical Characterization of Cardiac Tissue
Benedikt Prunsche Super-resolution fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy for the investigation of dynamic processes in biophysics
  Metamaterials with tailored thermal expansion
AsoRa Photonic Materials and Devices
Eike Rehder Methoden zur erweiterten Objektbeschreibung mittels 3D-Sensoren für Fahrerassistenzsysteme
Aiman Roslizar Block Copolymer for Nanoscale Photonic Structures
Diana Rueda Hybrid inorganic/organic printable solar cells
  Optical spectroscopy of perovskite structures for thin-film solar cells
Inca_Sayanca Sensor fusion for LED colour measurements
Schackmar Printed Perovskite Solar Cells/ Optoelectronics
Raphael_Schmager Nano-photonic electrodes for perovskite / silicon multijunction solar cells
BILD Strukturbestimmung von Clusterionen mittels Ionenmobilitätsspektrometrie
Optical coherence tomography in material characterization
Moritz Schultes Development of highly energy- and cost-effective perovskite type solar cells for tandem cell application
Schwenze Lead-free perovskite solar cells
Jasmin_Seeger Electro-Optical Analysis of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Solar Cells
Picture Holistic and multiscale photon management for silicon based solar cells
Eduard Spuling Novel core structures for TADF molecules
Steinig Studies on biomolecular dynamics by super-resolution microscopy
Simon Stock Simulation of Intraocular Lenses in Virtual Reality
  Theory of hybrid quantum-­‐plasmonic systems
Dominik_Theobald Simulation of the scattering in optoelectronic devices
Wei Tian Environment perception for turn warning system
Andreas_Vetter Designer metasurfaces for optical lithography
Vitor_Vlnieska Development of phase and dark field imaging for structural analysis of nanocomposite materials
Wickberg Improvement of Second-harmonic generation from thin film optical metamaterials
wirges High-precision 3D sphere modeling with laser scans
Sentayehu Wondimu Functionalization of highly sensitive whispering-gallery-mode resonator arrays via Click-Chemistry
  Tuning of Microresonators and Coupling of Multiple Resonators on Elastomer Substrates
Min_Zhang Solution processed stacked white organic light emitting diode
BILD Time-resolved single-shot X-ray imaging technique for size-sensitive characterization of materials
  Printed bio-organic light emitting devices: Towards Sustainable Optoelectronics