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Graduate School of the KIT

Management Modules

Besides scientific and technical knowledge, leadership and management skills are often required for a successful career in industry. Get an overview on all offered academic and management modules.

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  • production of knowledge, Open Innovation, collaborative network
  • development of innovation networks and governance system
  • Corporate Innovation (innovation and strategic focusing)
  • realization of innovation regarding processes, modules and organizational structures
  • measurement of innovation, indicators and Performance Measurement System
  • rate and generate new approaches in order to allow innovations in an entrepreneurial context and calculate the efficiency 

Part I: TBA



Part II: November 26 - November 30, 2018

Human Resource Management

  • economic analysis of the individual behavior and the individual performance in strategic situations
  • empirical research on relevant issues of human research management
  • limits of the traditional economic theory based on individual rationality
  • rate relevant human resource issues
  • business cultures and their role for successful international project management
  • conflict management
  • problem solving strategies
January 21-29, 2019


  • analyzing, interpreting and making reports of business activities in a company
  • methodology of finance and financial accounting
  • internal as well as the external requirements on financial reporting
  • gain profound economic and methodical knowledge of modern corporate finance and aspects of economic boundary conditions
  • apply valuation methods of entrepreneurial investment projects
  • how to acquire capital in order to respectively implement the investment projects in the context of the business strategy

Part I: May 6-10, 2019


Part II: September 23-24, 2019

Business Strategies

  • Business strategy, marketing and controlling
  • processes of strategic management, gain a strategic perspective on business portfolios, formulate strategies at a company level
  • marketing concept and essential marketing decisions
  • how to use key tools to approach issues like e.g. brand development, sales management or quantitative approaches
  • relations between marketing, strategy concepts & management accounting
  • prepare decisions regarding relevant costs, planning and control

Management Modules & MBA Units


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