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Studying with Children

A word from our KSOP Gender Commissioners: "We are Ph.D. students and scientific employees in different fields of research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). So, what do we have in common? We are all KSOP members and we all have a baby. Hence, we recently face rather non-scientific challenges, like changing diapers, bottle-feeding, in short: combining family and work in daily life. We want to share these experiences with all KSOP members and offer assistance and counseling in all upcoming questions, regarding all parental matters."


Support for Child Care

Following the concept of equal opportunities, KSOP has worked out measures to enhance the compatibility of work and family: KSOP members with children will be supported by allowances for daycare facilities or day mothers. If you would like to make use of this offer, you can work out individual measures for your particular needs. 

Information and Helpful Links

Childcare at Studentenwerk

In Baden-Württemberg Studentenwerk is responsible to provide assistance for childcare for students with children.The Studentenwerk Karlsruhe offers two childcare facilities for the children of parents who study at a university in Karlsruhe or Pforzheim – the kindergarten facility “Blumenland“ and the day-care facility “Sternschnuppe.” 

And with Mensa-Kids-Card children of parent-students up to ten years are allowed to eat lunch for free in all of the cafeterias in Baden-Württemberg. The Studentenwerk also provides houses suitable for single parents and couples with children. 

Every Semester organizes Studentenwerk together with USTA a Parent Café at the International Student Center for students with children,where participants can exchange information, find mutual support and assistance. 

By social counseling of Studentenwerk in ISC pregnant and students with children can get further advices. 
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KIT’s Offers for Employees

KIT also offers a wide range of childcare options for its employees. These include four day care centers: Kita "nanos!", Kita " Räuberkiste", Kita " Schloss-Geister" and Kita " KinderUniversum".

In the Parent-Child Office on North Campus employees of KIT can work at the desk with PC, telephone and Internet access and take care of the children at the same time. And To bridge a short-term or temporary care requirement there is the possibility of mediating Notmutter or the mediation of a child minder for a long-term care. 
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The KIT compensation poolfunds promote scientists, laboratory technicians, technicians and scientific-technical staff during pregnancy by a suitable compensational force.

Furthermore conducts the personnel development team an accompanying program for parental leave which aims to realize the equal opportunities in the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The program offers a plenty of useful information such as a timeline from pregnancy to parental leave, brochure for Maternity Protection Act, parental allowance and parental leave and personal advices as well.


KIT’s Offers for Kids

Every year there are several interesting events for children such as the KIT Children's Uni, the Science Camp, computer courses and many other activities and supports.


Further Childcare Possibilities and Links

At KiBU children can be taken care of during the school holidays in Baden-Württemberg on weekdays around office hours from 7 to 17’o clock with a service charge. The school children will experience a varied program with a mixture of sport, handcraft activities and playful learning there.

The UStA organizes a student self-help group Kinderkiste since about 10 years. There carry student parents the initiative to look after infants even younger than one year in lecture times outside normal opening times of day care centers.

Further Links:

Personal Counseling

Do you have any questions concerning pregnancy or parenthood? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Possible topics include:

  • Exchange of experiences
  • Maternity protection and parental leave
  • Assistance with formalities
  • Compatibility of family and work
  • Any questions regarding maternity and paternity