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Graduate School of the KIT
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KSOP Alumni
Portrait Title Name Ph.D. Thesis
Adams Dr. Ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy
Andreas Arndt Dr. Photophysical Properties of Novel Organic Materials for Tandem Solar Cells
  Dr. Spin Injection and Manipulation in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Bachmann Dr. Super-resolution life cell imaging
Students Beck, Torsten Dr. Optical biosensors on the basis of microresonators
Bild Bergmann Dr. Novel solutions and materials for OLED applications
Thorsten Beuth Dr. Optical perfusion measurement for the early decubitus prognosis
bichelberger Dr. Investigating the Protein Corona on Nanoparticles
Bild Bocksrocker Dr. White OLEDs: New concepts for enhanced out-coupling efficiency and solution processed devices
bog Dr. Integration und Funktionalisierung optofluidischer Strukturen in polymere Lab-on-Chip Systeme
Bogatscher Dr. Fast-scanning laser-rangefinder for adaptive robots in logistics industry
Nico Bolse Dr. Printable electronic noses based on optoelectronic technologies
  Dr. Quantum-Dot semiconductor optical amplifier for linear and nonlinear applications
Marko Brammer Dr. Modular optoelectronic, microfluidic backplane for flexible interconnection of optofluidic devices
Philipp Brenner Dr. Hybrid organic-inorganic and fully-inorganic solution processible optoelectronic devices based on nanoparticles
Tiemo Bückmann Dr. Fabrication of three-dimensional mechanical metamaterials
bumueller Dr. Electron diffraction on ionic clusters in gas phase for the identification of structure-based properties
Student Busch, Steven Dr. Advanced spectroscopic techniques for internal combustion engine diagnostics
Markus Butzbach Dr. High-resolution optical coherence tomography with a supercontinuum laser
Annie Chandra Dr. Development of novel light technology simulation software
20131113 Dr. Superconducting TaN nanowire single-photon detector for optical to infrared spectra range operation
Jonas Conrad Dr. Hybrid solar cells
Manuel Decker Dr. New light on optical activity: interaction of electromagnetic waves with chiral photonic metamaterials
Student Dieh, Richard Dr. Modelling of Couled Waveguide-Resonator Systems
Daniela Dissel Dr. Near-field optical spectroscopy on photonic metamaterials
Gunnar Dolling Dr. Design, fabrication, and characterization of double-negative metamaterials for photonics
Student Dopf, Katja Dr. Organic semiconductor devices combined with optical antennas
Dottermusch Dr. 3D Nanostructure Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells
doerner Dr. Multiplexing of Superconducting Nanowire Single–Photon Detector Arrays
Ralph Eckstein Dr. Printable conductive transparent and flexible layers for organic LEDs and solar cells
Amos Egel Dr. Simulate the Outcoupling of Light from white OLEDs through Nanosctructures
Philipp Ensslen Dr. DNA-based light-harvesting systems
Student Ergin, Tolga Dr. Photonic metamaterials for transformation optics
Ernst Dr. Setup of a fluorescence up-conversion spectrometer
Sabine Essig Dr. Numerical calculations of nanostructures via methods of diffractive optics
Dr. Johannes Fallert Dr. Nanoscaled ZnO lasers
Dr. Niels Feth Dr. Nonlinear optics of planar metamaterial arrays and spectroscopy of individual photonic atoms
Felix Fiederling Dr. Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Growth Cone Adaptation on the Development of Topographic Projections
Joachim_Fischer Dr. Three-dimensional optical lithography beyond the diffraction limit
Flatae Dr. Coupled high-Q micro-cavities
Student Froelich, Andreas Dr. Design, characterization and fabrication of three-dimensional metallic photonic nanostructures by atomic layer deposition
Fruhnert Dr. Optics in Self Assembled Metamaterials
Stefan gaertner Dr. Using polymer and fullerene nanoparticle dispersions for the deposition of active layers in organic solar cells
Justyna_Gansel Dr. Helical Optical Metamaterials
Christoph Gebhardt Dr. Experiment-guided development of a novel computational model of topographic mapping in the retinotectal system
Student Geiger, Andreas Dr. Intersection understanding in urban environments
Ali_Gheisari Dr. Investigation on the brain structure and function through innovative optical techniques
Dr. Active and passive polymeric microcavities
Nico_Gruhler Dr. Nanophotonic circuits for infrared spectrsocopy and optomechanic sensing
habermehl Dr. Novel sensor systems based on printed (opto-) electronics
Jonas Hanisch Dr. The role of contact interfaces in organic solar cells
Dr. Enhanced light outcoupling from organic LEDs
  Dr. Development of photonic sensors for parallel molecule detection based on microsonators
Wei He Dr. Monitoring mechanical and structural properties at sub-micrometric scales of cells in 3D
Melanie_Helmer Dr. Ambient interior lighting
30 Dr. Optical response measurements of NbN thin films at superconducting temperatures
Heußner Nico Dr. Laser excitation of retinal ganglion cells
David Hillerkuß Dr. Advanced modulation formats for next generation optical networks
Hofsäß Dr. Synthesis and assembly of DNA-templated chromophore aggregates for light harvesting
Stefan Höfle Dr. Morphology control for efficient and stable organic light emitting diodes
Anna Hörner Dr. Research of the dynamic of cell surfaces with optical and spectroscopic methods
huber Dr. Advanced Spectroscopy
Benjamin Hummel Dr. Anti-glare LED lights
Martin Husnik Dr. Spectroscopy of individual nanoparticles
Ruben Hünig. Dr. Light Manangement in CIGS thin film solar cells
Patrick Jäger Dr. Spectroscopic investigations of metal-metal interaction in metal-organic systems
Oliver Kahl Dr. Integrated nanophotonic-superconducting circuits
Philipp Daniel Kaiser Dr. Transcriptomic consequences of neuregulin-1 deficiency in schizophrenia-related regions of the embryonic mouse brain
  Dr. Novel lanthanide-based probes for biomedical and lighting applications
Matthias Karl Dr. Coupling of spatially separated quantum dots in microcavities
Tatjana Karpushkin Dr. Spectroscopic and kinetic studies of isolated anions in a Penning trap
Johannes Kaschke Dr. Fabrication of three-dimensional optical metamaterials using STED-inspired direct laser writing
Rebecca_Kelting Dr. Ion mobility measurements on mass-selected cluster ions
Johannes Kenntner Dr. Fabrication of x-ray gratings with high aspect ratios for phase contrast computer tomography
kern Dr. Experimental realization of metamaterials showing Hall-effect sign-inversion
Dr. Drivers' perception in the automobile
Oliver Kiowski Dr. Spectroscopy of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes and their synthesis via chemical vapor deposition
Yvonne Klapper Dr. Mechanisms of interaction between human serum proteins and lipid membranes
Michael Klein Dr. Influencing and probing the nanomorphology in organic photovoltaic devices
Dr. Tunable organic lasers
Carolin_Klusmann Dr. Optical Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonators for Biosensing Applications
Dominik Kölmel Dr. Chemical biology of new cell-penetrating peptoids and synthesis of fluorous dyes
Michael König Dr. Discontinuous Galerkin methods in nanophotonics
  Dr. Influence of process parameters on the quality of x-ray gratings for phase contrast tomography
Dietmar Korn Dr. Silicon organic hybrid components for photonic integrated circuits
Kornemann Dr. Development of a compound refractive X-ray zoom lens
Dr. Optically powered radio over fiber networks
Krämmer Dr. Fabrication and optical investigation of novel solar cell materials
Sarah Krämmer Dr. Polymeric optical microresonators for label-free biosensing.
Lang Dr. Optical and electrical characterization of novel absorbers for thin-film solar cells
Lämmle Dr. Investigation of the sodium (potassium) diffusion in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells
Alexandra Ledermann Dr. Fabrication, design and optical characterisation of three-dimensional photonic quasicrystals
Dr. Tracking and Classification of Traffic Participants
Jingshi Li Dr. Novel vector-signal analyzer receiver
Dr. Super-Resolution imaging techniques for studying cellular uptake of nanoparticles
Liu Dr. Intracavity biosensing with organic semiconductor lasers
Wolfgang Löffler Dr. Initialization of spin-polarized electrons in self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots
  Dr. Light-matter-interaction in nanostructures: semi-classical and quantum-optical description
Dr. Photogeneration of main group metal nanoparticles
Maffre Dr. Quantitative Studies of Nanoparticle-Biological Matter Interactions Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy Methods
Marit Mai Dr. Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale phosphors in ionic liquids
  Dr. Silicon nanocystals-photophysics and their application
Marschall Felix Dr. Development and design of a X­‑ray microscope for high photon energies based on refractive lenses
Nina Meinzer Dr. Coupling plasmonic metamaterials to single-quantum-well gain
Jan_Meiser Dr. Development and characterisation of large-area x-ray gratings for phase contrats tomography
Argishti Melikyan Dr. High speed plasmonic modulators
Adrian Mertens Dr. Light management in organic tandem-solar cells
Dr. Microwave spin manipulation in spin-injection LEDs
Mescher Dr. Modulation and simulation of optical and electrical properties of organic solar cells
Thomas_Missbach Dr. Frequency Division Multiplex based Quantum Efficiency Determination of Multi-Junction Solar Cells
Bild Moosmann Dr. Nanostructured organic light emitting diodes: 3D-simulation and characterisation
Jonathan Müller Dr. Investigation and Improvement of STED-inspired Direct Laser Writing
Patrick Müller Dr. Enhancement of Direct Laser Writing technology for fabricating micro- and nanoscale 3D structures
Stefan Nanz Dr. Tailored disorder of textured interfaces
Neuwirth Dr. Development of kesterite-based thin-film solar cells
Jens Niegemann Dr. Higher-order methods for solving Maxwell's equations in the time-domain
Nickel Dr. Solution processable transparent electrodes for organic solar cells
  Dr. Nonlinear spectroscopy of photonic metamaterials
Oldenburg Dr. Application of SURMOFs to Solar Energy Harvesting
Anna Owyan Dr. Integrated single photon emitters in CVD diamond nano-photonic structures
Dr. Near-field optical fluorescene correlation spectroscopy
Dr. Integrated Frequency Comb Generation for Optical Telecommunication
Oliver Pink Dr. Mobile machine vision systems
Stefan Pollnow Dr. Simultaneous Optical and Electrical Characterization of Cardiac Tissue
Marieke Poß Dr. Synthesis of fluorescent nanoparticles for optical imaging
Preinfalk Dr. Light extraction in organic light emitting diodes by nanoparticle-based layers
Benedikt Prunsche Dr. Super-resolution fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy for the investigation of dynamic processes in biophysics
Tanja_Puerckhauer Dr. Doped crosslinked charge transport layers for solution processed organic devices
  Dr. Metamaterials with tailored thermal expansion
Holger Rapp Dr. Deflectometric Investigation of free-form Surfaces
Patrik Rath Dr. Integrated diamond optics and optomechanics
Manuel Reinhard Dr. Hybrid single and tandem solar cells comprising an inorganic absorber and organic functional layers
Dr. Selective bio-functionalization of three-dimensional microstructures
Falko Riechert Dr. Speckle reduction in projection systems
Boris Riedel Dr. Efficiency enhancement of organic light emitting devices
Michael Rill Dr. Three-dimensional photonic metamaterials by direct laser writing and advanced metallization techniques
Martin Roser Dr. Visibility Assessment for Driver Assistance Systems
Rotscholl Dr. Bionic Heat Sinks
Birgit Rudat Dr. Photophysical properties of fluorophor labeled peptoids: from ensemble to single molecule spectroscopy
Diana Rueda Dr. Hybrid inorganic/organic printable solar cells
  Dr. Optical spectroscopy of perovskite structures for thin-film solar cells
  Dr. Quantum-dot Microcavities
Matthias Ruther Dr. Electrochemical modulation and restructuring of planar metallic metamaterials
Inca_Sayanca Dr. Sensor fusion for LED colour measurements
Dr. Simulation and Development of an Optofluidic Bio Sensor Based on Resonant Photonic Micro Structures
Schindler, Philipp Dr. Self-coherent silicon integrated optic receivers
  Dr. Infrared multiphoton dissociation of trapped biomolecular ions
Robert Schittny Dr. Fabrication and characterization of thermodynamic and elastodynamic metamaterials
Bild Schmogrow Dr. Software-defined terabit transmission
Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Schnabel Dr. rer. nat. Development and optimization of CZTS-based thin film solar cells
Sven Schüle Dr. Modular adaptive micro-optical systems combined with microactuators
Melanie_Schwingel Dr. Multiple trap optical tweezers for cell force measurements
Scheiwe Dr. Mechanical contacts between living and lifeless matter
Schönbein Dr. Stereo vision with a catadioptric/perspective camera system
Christian Schöttle Dr. Optical properties of non-noble metal nanoparticles - Synthesis and Characterisation
Schroeter Dr. New X-ray analytic methods in material science (VINXMM)
Schumann Dr. Fabrication and Characterization of 3D Dielectric Transformation-Optics Inspired Architectures for Solar Cells
Student Schwab, Patrick Dr. Nanoplasmonic circuits
Bild Schwarze Dr. Camera based environment recognition
Qiang Shi Dr. Alumnus KSOP M.Sc. Program
Leilei Dr. Laser Doppler remote wind sensing for offshore wind turbine
Radwanul Siddique Dr. Fabrication and analysis of bio-inspired photonic nano/microstructures found in butterfly wing scales
Siegle Dr. (Strong) Coupling between QDs and Polymeric Microcavities and Coupling between Microresonators in Cavity Arrays
Dr. X-ray lenses with large apertures
Isabelle Staude Dr. Functional elements in three-dimensional photonic bandgap materials
Matthias Stegmaier Dr. All-optical processing on a single chip
  Dr. Theory of hybrid quantum-­‐plasmonic systems
Andreas Streck Dr. Advanced Laser Driver Technology for Miniature Projection Systems
Thomas Striebel Dr. Design, fabrication and characterization of artificial three-dimensional scaffolds for cell studies
Ninette Stürzl Dr. Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy on single-walled carbon nanotubes and other nanoscale structures
Michael Thiel Dr. Design, fabrication, and characterization of three-dimensional chiral photonic crystals
Wei Tian Dr. Environment perception for turn warning system
Marion Umbach Dr. Achromatic X-Ray lenses
Harsha Dr. Optical product security using random structures
Christoph Vannahme Dr. Integration of organic lasers in Lab-on-Chip systems
Bild Vochezer Dr. Measurement of the microphysical and optical properties of mixed-phase clouds at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch (3568 m a.s.l.)
Bild vogt Dr. Rolled Refractive X-Ray Foillenses
Bild Volz Dr. Development of optoelectronic inks for OLEDs
Eugen Waldt Dr. Investigation of intrinsic luminescence properties of metal complexes and semiconductor nanoparticles in gas phase
  Dr. Imaging and monitoring of biological systems with organic chemical tools
Wickberg Dr. Improvement of Second-harmonic generation from thin film optical metamaterials
Dr. Integration of polymer-based optical microresonators for Lab-on-a-Chip applications
Matthias Wissert Dr. Optical antennas: linear and nonlinear excitation and emission
Jörg Wissler Dr. Optical investigation of molecule diffusion through a single nuclear pore
Stefan Wolf Dr. Photonic-Electronic Signal Processing for High-Precision Metrology
  Dr. Band Structure Based Analysis of Certain Photonic Crystal Structures
Sean Wong Dr. Fabrication of 3-D nanostructures using an all-inorganic glass As2S3
Dr. Simulation of aperiodic nanostructures with diffractive optics methods
Min Zhang Dr. PhD Student KSOP
Dr. Investigation and optimization of chalcopyrite thin film solar cells
Zhou Dr. Super-resolution imaging of cell membrane damage and repair process
Ziegler Dr. Sparse scene flow segmentation for moving object detection
  Dr. Printed bio-organic light emitting devices: Towards Sustainable Optoelectronics