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Graduate School of the KIT
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KSOP Alumni
Portrait Title Name Ph.D. Thesis
Adams Dr. Triplet exciton transport in porphyrin-based surface-anchored metal-organic framework thin films 
Andreas Arndt Dr. Dynamics of optical excitations and electrical signals in organic solar cells and photodiodes
  Dr. Spin-based optoelectronics with semiconductor quantum dots
Bachmann Dr. Analysis of integrin-mediated cell contacts on differential fibronectin/vitronectin substrates using high-resolution fluorescence microscopy
Students Beck, Torsten Dr. High quality polymer microresonators as optical sensors
Bild Bergmann Dr. New emitters for OLEDs: The coordination- and photo-chemistry of mononuclear neutral copper(I) complexes
Thorsten Beuth Dr. Analysis and optimization of focused LiDAR systems for wind turbines
bichelberger Dr. Optical spectroscopy of synthetic compounds for life science applications
Bild Bocksrocker Dr. Technologies for light management in organic light-emitting diodes
bog Dr. Optical Whispering Gallery Resonators and their Functionalization for Biosensors
Bogatscher Dr. High aperture time-of-flight laser camera
Nico Bolse Dr. Sensor systems for trace detection of nitroaromatic hazardous substances using fluorescence quenching
  Dr. Linear and Nonlinear Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for Next-Generation Optical Networks
Marko Brammer Dr. Modular optoelectronic microfluidic backplane
Philipp Brenner Dr. Hybrid organic-inorganic and fully-inorganic solution processible optoelectronic devices based on nanoparticles
Tiemo Bückmann Dr. On Mechanical Metamaterials
bumueller Dr. Electron diffraction on ionic clusters in gas phase for the identification of structure-based properties
Student Busch, Steven Dr. Advanced spectroscopic techniques for internal combustion engine diagnostics
Markus Butzbach Dr. High-resolution optical coherence tomography with a supercontinuum laser
Annie Chandra Dr. Development of novel light technology simulation software
20131113 Dr. Improving the Spectral Bandwidth of Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors (SNSPDs)
Jonas Conrad Dr. Zinc oxide nanostructures for optoelectronic applications
Manuel Decker Dr. New light on optical activity: interaction of electromagnetic waves with chiral photonic metamaterials
Student Dieh, Richard Dr. Analysis of Metallic Nanostructures by a Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Domain Maxwell Solver on Graphics Processing Units
Daniela Dissel Dr. Near-field optical spectroscopy on photonic metamaterials
Gunnar Dolling Dr. Design, fabrication, and characterization of double-negative metamaterials for photonics
Student Dopf, Katja Dr. Bimodal optical antennas: Design, fabrication and spectroscopy
Dottermusch Dr. 3D Nanostructure Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells
doerner Dr. Multifrequency readout method for superconducting single photon detectors
Ralph Eckstein Dr. Aerosol Jet Printed Electronic Devices and Systems
Amos Egel Dr. Accurate optical simulation of disordered scattering layers for light extraction from organic light emitting diodes
Philipp Ensslen Dr. DNA as template for heteroleptic complex formation and attachment of ethinylnil red and ethinylpyrene nucleosides
Student Ergin, Tolga Dr. Photonic metamaterials for transformation optics
Ernst Dr. Ultrafast photophysics and photochemistry after excited state intramolecular charge transfer in the liquid phase
Sabine Essig Dr. Advanced Numerical Methods in Diffractive Optics and Applications to Periodic Photonic Nanostructures
Dr. Johannes Fallert Dr. Stimulated emission in zinc oxide nanostructures
Dr. Niels Feth Dr. Nonlinear optics of planar metamaterial arrays and spectroscopy of individual photonic atoms
Felix Fiederling Dr. Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Growth Cone Adaptation in the Development of Topographic Projections
Joachim_Fischer Dr. Three-dimensional optical lithography beyond the diffraction limit
Flatae Dr. Active Polymeric Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators
  Dr. Mechanically flexible, transparent conductors based on ultrathin metallic layers
Student Froelich, Andreas Dr. On tailored three-dimensional optical materials by atomic layer deposition
Fruhnert Dr. Optics in Self Assembled Metamaterials
Stefan gaertner Dr. Organic nanoparticles for forming photoactive layers of organic solar cells
Justyna_Gansel Dr. Helical Optical Metamaterials
Christoph Gebhardt Dr. Development & Experimental Validation of a Novel Computational Model of Retinotopic Mapping
Student Geiger, Andreas Dr. Probabilistic Models for 3D Urban Scene Understanding from Movable Platforms
Ali_Gheisari Dr. Novel tools for simultaneous optogenetic manipulation and calcium imaging in the zebrafish nervous system
Dr. Whispering-Gallery-Mode Lasing in Polymeric Microcavities
Nico_Gruhler Dr. Nanophotonic circuits for infrared spectrsocopy and optomechanic sensing
habermehl Dr. Roll-to-roll fabrication of microfluidic analytical systems based on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Jonas Hanisch Dr. Optimization of cathodes and interlayers for polymer solar cells
Dr. Bragg gratings for light management in organic light-emitting diodes
  Dr. Glass and polymer microresonators as optical whispering galleries
Wei He Dr. Monitoring mechanical and structural properties at sub-micrometric scales of cells in 3D
Melanie_Helmer Dr. Ambient interior lighting
30 Dr. Influence of Material and Geometry on the Performance of Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors
Heußner Nico Dr. Investigation of eye hazards by scanning laser systems to support design processes
David Hillerkuß Dr. Single-Laser Multi-Terabit/s Systems
Hofsäß Dr. Supramolekulare Chromophor-DNA-Architekturen – Steuerung der Chromophorsequenz und der helikalen Orientierung
Stefan Höfle Dr. Solution-processed organic tandem light emitting diodes
Anna Hörner Dr. Microscopic and spectroscopic investigations of fluorescent dyes and fluorescence-labelled glycostructures
huber Dr. Micromechanical tunable Fabry-Pérot interferometers with membrane Bragg mirrors based on silicon/silicon carbonitride
Benjamin Hummel Dr. Glare free LED high beam headlight
Martin Husnik Dr. Quantitative optical spectroscopy of single metallic nanostructures
Ruben Hünig. Dr. Light Manangement in CIGS thin film solar cells
Patrick Jäger Dr. Spectroscopic and mass spectrometric investigations of isolated metalloporphyrin multianions
Oliver Kahl Dr. Superconducting Single-Photon Detectors for Integrated Quantum Optics
Philipp Daniel Kaiser Dr. Transcriptome analysis of schizophrenia-relevant brain regions in neuregulin-1-deficient mice
  Dr. Novel lanthanide-based probes for biomedical and lighting applications
Matthias Karl Dr. Light confinement in pyramidal and columnar microresonators
Tatjana Karpushkin Dr. Temperature dependent reaction kinetics of mass selected multiple charged anions in an FT-ICR mass spectrometer
Johannes Kaschke Dr. Complex Helical Metamaterials fabricated via STED-inspired Laser Lithography
Rebecca_Kelting Dr. Structures and fragmentation behavior of mass-selected lead, bismuth and lanthanum cluster ions
Johannes Kenntner Dr. Fabrication of grating structures with aspect ratio 100 for phase contrast imaging in a Talbot interferometer
kern Dr. On the Hall effect in three-dimensional metamaterials
Dr. Distraction in road traffic and its influence on driving behaviour
Oliver Kiowski Dr. Spectroscopy of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes and their synthesis via chemical vapor deposition
Yvonne Klapper Dr. Mechanisms of interaction between human serum proteins and lipid membranes
Michael Klein Dr. Development of analytical techniques to optimize the morphology of organic solar cells
Dr. Tunable organic lasers
Carolin_Klusmann Dr. Hybrid Photonic–Plasmonic Modes in Coated Whispering-Gallery Resonators
Dominik Kölmel Dr. Chemical biology of new cell-penetrating peptoids and synthesis of fluorous dyes
Michael König Dr. Discontinuous Galerkin methods in nanophotonics
  Dr. X-ray optics made by X-ray lithography: Process optimization and quality control
Dietmar Korn Dr. Silicon organic hybrid components for photonic integrated circuits
Kornemann Dr. Development of an X-ray zoom lens
Dr. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers and mm-Wave Wireless Links for Converged Access Networks
Krämmer Dr. Optoelectronic Characterization of Thin-Film Solar Cells by Electroreflectance and Luminescence Spectroscopy
Sarah Krämmer Dr. Dye-Doped Polymeric Lasers for Sensing Applications
Lang Dr. Analysis of the electronic structure of Kesterite thin film solar cells by optical spectroscopy
Lämmle Dr. Doping of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 layers with sodium and potassium to increase efficiency
Alexandra Ledermann Dr. Design, Fabrication, and Characterisation of Three-Dimensional Photonic Quasicrystals
Dr. Efficient Min-cost Flow Tracking with Bounded Memory and Computation
Jingshi Li Dr. Optical Delay Interferometers and their Application for Self-coherent Detection
Dr. Probing Cellular Uptake of Nanoparticles, One at a Time
Liu Dr. Organic Semiconductor Lasers and Tailored Nanostructures for Raman Spectroscopy
Wolfgang Löffler Dr. Electrical preparation of spin-polarized electrons in semiconductor quantum dots
  Dr. Waveguide Quantum Optics: A Wave-Function Based Approach
Dr. On the photochemical synthesis of nanoscale main group elements and novel dye solar cells
Maffre Dr. Quantitative Studies of Nanoparticle-Biological Matter Interactions Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscopy Methods
Marit Mai Dr. Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale phosphors in ionic liquids
  Dr. Silicon nanocrystals for optoelectronic applications
Marschall Felix Dr. Development of an X-ray microscope for photon energies from 15 keV to 30 keV
Nina Meinzer Dr. Coupling plasmonic metamaterials to single-quantum-well gain
Jan_Meiser Dr. Large area X-ray gratings for X-ray phase contrast imaging
Argishti Melikyan Dr. Active and Passive Plasmonic Devices for Optical Communications
Adrian Mertens Dr. Light management in organic tandem-solar cells
Dr. Microwave spin manipulation in spin LEDs
Mescher Dr. Modelling and simulation of semi-transparent organic solar cells
Thomas_Missbach Dr. Development of a light modulator-based measurement system for the determination of the external quantum efficiency of multiple solar cells
Bild Moosmann Dr. Design and simulation of nano antennas
Jonathan Müller Dr. Exploring the Mechanisms of Three-Dimensional Direct Laser Writing by Multi-Photon Polymerization
Patrick Müller Dr. Molecular Photoswitches for STED-inspired Laser Lithography
Stefan Nanz Dr. Tailored Light Scattering and Emission in Solar Cells and LEDs Using Ordered and Disordered Interfaces
Neuwirth Dr. Process development for wet chemical fabrication Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 solar cells
Jens Niegemann Dr. Higher-order methods for solving Maxwell's equations in the time-domain
Nickel Dr. Fabrication and characterization of mechanically flexible organic solar cells by solution processing
  Dr. Nonlinear Optics of Split-Ring Resonators and their Application as a Thermal Detector
Oldenburg Dr. Photon upconversion heterostructures made from surface-anchored metal-organic frameworks
Anna Owyan Dr. Nanophotonic circuits for single photon emitters
Dr. Near-field optical fluorescene correlation spectroscopy
Dr. Terabit-Rate Transmission Using Optical Frequency Comb Sources
Oliver Pink Dr. Image-based self-localization of road vehicles
Stefan Pollnow Dr. Characterizing Cardiac Electrophysiology during Radiofrequency Ablation : An Integrative Ex vivo, In silico, and In vivo Approach
Marieke Poß Dr. Inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterials for medicine and catalysis
Preinfalk Dr. Micro- and nanoparticle-based technologies for increasing the efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes
Benedikt Prunsche Dr. High resolution optical nanoscopy and fluctuation spectroscopy for the investigation of biophysical processes
Tanja_Puerckhauer Dr. Electrical doping of charge carrier injection and extraction layers for solution processed organic optoelectronic devices
  Dr. On Thermoelastic and Poroelastic Metamaterials
Holger Rapp Dr. Reconstruction of Specular Reflective Surfaces using Auto-Calibrating Deflectometry
Patrik Rath Dr. Integrated optomechanics and single-photon detection in diamond photonic integrated circuits
Manuel Reinhard Dr. Hybrid thin film photovoltaics based on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and organic semiconductors
Dr. Selective bio-functionalization of three-dimensional microstructures
Falko Riechert Dr. Speckle reduction in projection systems
Boris Riedel Dr. Efficiency enhancement of organic light emitting devices
Michael Rill Dr. Three-dimensional photonic metamaterials by direct laser writing and advanced metallization techniques
Martin Roser Dr. Model-based and position-accurate detection of raindrops in image sequences to improve video-based driver assistance functions
Rotscholl Dr. Spectral near field data of LED systems for optical simulations
Birgit Rudat Dr. Photophysical properties of fluorophor labeled peptoids: from ensemble to single molecule spectroscopy
Diana Rueda Dr. Hybrid inorganic/organic printable solar cells
  Dr. Optical spectroscopy of perovskite structures for thin-film solar cells
  Dr. Quantum dot microresonators and single photon sources
Matthias Ruther Dr. Electrochemical modulation and restructuring of planar metallic metamaterials
Inca_Sayanca Dr. Sensor fusion for compensation of measurement errors in camera-based color distribution measurement
Dr. Integrated sensors with polymer-based photonic crystals
Schindler, Philipp Dr. Self-coherent silicon integrated optic receivers
  Dr. Development and characterization of a photodissociation spectroscopy set-up in an FT-ICR mass spectrometer
Robert Schittny Dr. Cloaking in Heat Conduction and Light Diffusion
Bild Schmogrow Dr. Real-time Digital Signal Processing for Software-defined Optical Transmitters and Receivers
Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Schnabel Dr. rer. nat. Solution-processed kesterite absorbers for thin film solar cells
Sven Schüle Dr. Modular adaptive micro-optical systems combined with microactuators
Melanie_Schwingel Dr. Multiple trap optical tweezers for cell force measurements
Scheiwe Dr. Reactions of cells in three-dimensional microstructures to local mechanical stimuli
Schönbein Dr. Omnidirectional Stereo Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
Christian Schöttle Dr. Optical properties of non-noble metal nanoparticles - Synthesis and Characterisation
Schroeter Dr. Enlargement of the field of view of the X-ray phase contrast imaging for clinical application
Schumann Dr. Transformation optics for optoelectronic devices - Cloaking contact fingers and enhancing light extraction
Student Schwab, Patrick Dr. Optical antennas made of Al and Au: Excitation concepts and influence of oxidation
Bild Schwarze Dr. Compact Environment Modelling from Unconstrained Camera Platforms
Qiang Shi Dr. Wiring up pre-characterized single nitrogen-vacancy centers in nanodiamonds by 3D laser lithography
Leilei Dr. A Doppler Lidar system with preview control for wind turbine load mitigation
Radwanul Siddique Dr. Fabrication and analysis of bio-inspired photonic nano/microstructures found in butterfly wing scales
Siegle Dr. Durchstimmbare photonische Bauelemente aus polymeren Flüstergalerie-Resonatoren
Dr. X-ray lenses with large apertures
Eduard Spuling Dr. Synthesis of new[2.2]paracyclophane derivatives for application in materials sciences
Isabelle Staude Dr. Functional elements in three-dimensional photonic bandgap materials
Matthias Stegmaier Dr. All-optical processing on a single chip
  Dr. Light-Matter Interaction in Hybrid Quantum Plasmonic Systems
Andreas Streck Dr. Miniaturized Flying Spot Projectors - Laser Control and System Design
Thomas Striebel Dr. Fabrication and characterization of three-dimensional microstructures for cell experiments
Ninette Stürzl Dr. Confocal microscopy on bundled and individual single-walled carbon nanotubes
Michael Thiel Dr. Design, fabrication, and characterization of three-dimensional chiral photonic crystals
Wei Tian Dr. Novel Aggregated Solutions for Robust Visual Tracking in Traffic Scenarios
Marion Umbach Dr. Achromatic X-Ray lenses
Harsha Dr. Optical product security using random structures
Christoph Vannahme Dr. Integration of organic lasers in Lab-on-Chip systems
Bild Vochezer Dr. Measurement of the microphysical and optical properties of mixed-phase clouds at the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch (3568 m a.s.l.)
Bild vogt Dr. Rolled Refractive X-Ray Foillenses
Bild Volz Dr. Dual-Core Copper(I) Complexes as OLED Emitters: Synthesis, Properties and New Concepts
Eugen Waldt Dr. Luminescence spectroscopy of lanthanide complexes and dye molecules in an ion trap
  Dr. Glycoconjugates - Strategies and Possibilities
Wickberg Dr. On Second-Harmonic Generation in Nanolaminates and 3D Nanolaminated Photonic Crystals
Dr. Integrated dye lasers for all-polymer photonic Lab-on-a-Chip systems
Matthias Wissert Dr. Optical antennas: linear and nonlinear excitation and emission
Jörg Wissler Dr. Molecule diffusion through individual nuclear pore complexes of the frog egg (Xenopus laevis): Investigation with a new device in the optical near field and laser fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Stefan Wolf Dr. Silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) electro-optic modulators for high-speed and power-efficient communications
  Dr. Band Structure Based Analysis of Certain Photonic Crystal Structures
Sean Wong Dr. Arsenic Trisulfide Inorganic Photoresist for Three-Dimensional Photolithography
Dr. The Full Anisotropic Adaptive Fourier Modal Method and its Application to Periodic and Aperiodic Photonic Nanostructures
Min Zhang Dr. Organic Light Emitting Diodes: Electron Injection Layers for Advanced Solution Processed Device Architectures
Dr. Nanoscale investigation of potential distribution in operating Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells
Zhou Dr. Localization Microscopy Based Super-resolution Imaging and Analysis of Dynamics
Ziegler Dr. Optimal track and trajectory planning for automobiles
  Dr. Printed electrochemical light cells based on biocompatible and biodegradable materials