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Graduate School of the KIT


Initiative "Promotion of  Junior Researchers in Optics & Photonics"

Experts from industry, science and politics agree on the photon being a crucial technology driving unit of the 21st century. The challenges that we will encounter in the  fields of energy, environment, society, communication and production will not be solved without photonic technologies.

Europe fulfils all requirements to successfully open the gate to the Photonic century. But to make this come true, young and dedicated people have to be educated and qualified in this field of research. That is why an initiative driven by the Federal Government of Germany and the states Thüringen and Baden-Württemberg has been introduced. 10 dedicated industrial companies and the two leading universities in Optics & Photonics, Karlsruhe and Jena, have set up a special aid to international and national candidates who are exited to study Optics & Photonics.


KSOP Scholarship Program

If you can prove excellent study results, meaning that you belong to the top 10% of your class, you can apply for financial support within the scope of the KSOP scholarship program.

The scholarship amounts up to 400€/month. Part of the scholarship is individual consulting and career coaching as well as a personal mentor from our partner companies. Also you will have the opportunity to work as a research assistant on a research project in one of the KSOP institutes.

The scholarship is firstly admitted for the first year of study. At the end of the funding period you have to prove your successful performance in the KSOP M.Sc. program through very good study results in order to extend the scholarship for the second year.
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External Scholarships

Since the number of KSOP scholarships is restricted, we recommend you to also apply early at other scholarship providers.


Dedicated companies: