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Graduate School of the KIT
Looking for bright future?

KSOP Mentors, Junior Research Group Leaders and Staff Scientists
Portrait Name Responsibilities KIT Institute
Staff Scientist Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)
Staff Scientist Zentrum für Sonnenenergie und Wasserstoffforschung (ZSW)
Alexander Colsmann
Staff Scientist Light Technology Institute
Staff Scientist Institute of Microstructure Technology
Staff Scientist Institute of Physical Chemistry, Group of Molecular Physical Chemistry
Andreas Naber
Staff Scientist Institute of Applied Physics, Group of M. Wegener
Mentor Research Area "Photonic Materials & Devices" Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
Mentor Research Areas "Biomedical Photonics" & "Advanced Spectroscopy" & "Solar Energy" Institute of Zoology I
Mentor Research Area "Optical Systems" Institute for Measurement and Control Systems
Hetterich, Michael
Staff Scientist Institute of Applied Physics