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Graduate School of the KIT

Key Competence Modules

In the Key Competence Modules you have the chance to acquire soft skills that can be helpful for both your research project and a good career start, e.g. you will learn how to prepare for presentations or how to manage your time.

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Scientific Writing and Presentation

  • learn how to organize and review their papers
  • concrete feedback and practical tips
  • improve their current and future writing projects
  • provides necessary skills to successfully and appealingly present scientific papers at conferences and to confidently defend results during discussions
  • interactive sessions on all levels of a paper production, self-promotion skills, analysis of breath and speech patterns and individual feedback on the effectiveness of their presentation skills using video-recording




Career Planning and Tailor-Made Application Strategies

  • become aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Elements and processes from the assessment center are used to provide insights about the participant’s interests, skills, qualifications and personality
  • short inputs on various topics with individual reflection on personal experiences as well as discussions and interactive parts in small groups
  • explore new ways of behavior (e.g. through role play) and receive feedback on the impression you make on other people


Time and Self Management


Making the "uncontrollable" tangible - time management and planning techniques for the initial stage of the doctoral project


Planning a PhD thesis can be challenging: doctoral students often work on a "topic" and do research on an aspect, without knowing, if they get results that are sufficient enough to be turned into a thesis. This can lead tofrustration if one can not activate his ability to adapt in the face of adverse conditions. Doctoral students in that stage of a thesis need resilience (self management) and techniques for planning something, that can not really be predicted or planned in the beginning.


The module covers the following topics:

• Reflect on individual strengths and derive motivation

• Personality, work mode and time management

• See thesis as a project

• See thesis as process (academic development)

• Planning for experimental projects

• Planning for data collection and analysis

• Methods for setting goals, defining priorities, and developing strategies for process planning and work design

• Self-management: motivation and resilience



Communicating Science Online

  • How can scientists benefit from being present on social media and from communicating actively online?
  • Identify and understand the factors underlying effective science communication
  • be able to decide which online tools and networks offer tangible benefits


Research Data Management

  • Become aware of FAIR principles for your research data
  • Reflect on your own practice in dealing with your research data
  • Learn how to archive, describe and discover research data
  • Gain an overview of legal aspects of using, sharing and publishing research data
  • Be able to create a data management plan for your next proposal
  • Find out where you can get support in improving your data management





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