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Miriam Sonnenbichler
M.Sc. Program Manager

+49 (0)721 608-47687

sonnenbichler∂ksop de

firm@KSOP: International career opportunities

Being provided with technical knowledge in Optics & Photonics combined with excellent social skills, KSOP graduates are demanded in the O&P industry.

Firm@KSOP presents an exclusive event where KSOP invites representatives of national as well as international operating companies to KSOP. In this personal ambience the representatives introduce the KSOP students to their company and to recent job offerings.

In face-to-face discussions students and representatives from industry can exchange on latest O&P advancements and the companies growing activities in O&P, but also on requirements for working at the company. 





Upcoming Events:


will be published soon                                     

To get an idea of the firm@KSOP event  please have a look on the BOSCH@KSOP event on February 2014 with Dr. Oliver Wolst, Director of Research & Technology Center Asia Pacific.



If your company is interessted in presenting your firm at KSOP, please do not hesitate to contact Miriam Sonnenbichler.


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