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Graduate School of the KIT


Picture of Carlos
Carlos studied at KSOP

Tell me who you are and where you come from.   

I'm Carlos A. Ríos-Ocampo from Medellín, Colombia. I studied BSc in Physics (U. de Antioquia, COL) and MSc. in Optics and Photonics (KIT and Aix-Marseille Université) as part of the EUROPHOTONICS program.


During your studies, what did you specialize in?

I specialized in Advanced optical materials.


What was your topic of your master thesis?

Tunable nanophotonic circuits based on Phase-Change materials. I did this work at INT under the supervision of Dr. Wolfram Pernice and Prof. Martin Wegner.


Where are you now: in academia or industry?

I'm in Academia. I'm currently pursuing my PhD degree at the University of Oxford, UK.


What are your future plans?

Becoming a professor and keep researching in academia. 


Do you think KSOP prepared you for your career and in which way?

Absolutely. My current research is closely linked to my Master's thesis work. All the skills in experimental/computational photonics and nanofabrication were acquired during my KSOP master program. 


What did you like most about KSOP?

The variety of research fields and the flexibility when choosing thesis work. Ranging from many different industrial applications, through institutes like Fraunhofer, to fundamental and applied photonics within many institutes at KIT (and even in partner universities). All of them with high scientific standards, resources and top researchers.   


Is there something special you would like to tell prospective students?

KSOP is an extraordinary place to learn O&P from top scientists and it's got a worldwide reputation that allows for countless academic and job opportunities. Moreover, KIT does not charge any fee, Karlsruhe is inexpensive when comparing with many other European cities, and plenty of research assistantships are at hand. Is there a better scenario for a Master Program? 





Updated: January 2015