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Veit Angrick

Veit Angrick received his master's degree from the KSOP and is currently working for the R&D department of TRUMPF in Germany.
Veit Angrick
Veit Angrick

Who are you and what did you study?

My name is Veit Angrick, I received my bachelor degree in electrical engineering majoring in automation.

Why did you choose to study at the Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics?

I found the field of Photonics when looking for an interesting field for my master studies. KSOP convinced me with its international orientation of the course in general and its curriculum.


What did you like most about the KSOP Master’s Program and what part of your studies prepared you best for your career?

The international students from all over the world, who I’m still in contact with. These contacts have expanded my social skills and prepared me for many situations in my professional career. At the same time you are able to teach yourself theoretical and practical skills very well.

You were at TRUMPF for your internship and even wrote your Master thesis there. Why did you choose TRUMPF and what was your thesis about?

TRUMPF is considered as an innovative technology leader, well established on the markets around the world. It was an easy decision as I was offered a topic dealing with a high power short-pulse thin disk laser with good beam quality. I had the chance to deal with the topic theoretically as well as practically in the lab. It was even possible to run some tests with the new laser setup in the laser application center.

Was KSOP in any way helpful for your application or for getting in contact with TRUMPF? In which way?

As TRUMPF has been an industrial partner of KSOP it was easy to find the right contact persons at TRUMPF.

And why did you decide to stay at TRUMPF after your graduation?

As already mentioned TRUMPF is a global operating family-owned enterprise which is characterized by a sustainable economic success. They also offer interesting opportunities to enhance ones professional and personal skills individually. Of course the colleagues I got to know during my thesis made my decision easy to stay at TRUMPF.

Could you tell us a bit about your work at TRUMPF, what is your position and which are your main tasks?

I work in the R&D department at TRUMPF site in Schramberg where the focus lies on solid state lasers. Our group deals with high power short-pulse thin disk lasers in different spectral ranges used in the industrial environment. The tasks are various and offer a wide range from fundamental research, product development to the support of the products.

What do you like most about your job at TRUMPF?

There are always new challenges on different levels. You get enough individual opportunities space to put your own ideas into practice. I also like the cooperation with colleagues from different departments during projects to find the appropriate solution to a problem.


What are your future plans?

I'm not sure yet, but there are different options at TRUMPF. For example a career as a technical expert or the possibility of working in a location abroad.

Is there something you would like to share with prospective Master candidates?

It is not useful to focus too much on a special area. My suggestion is to try taking a look in as many different topics as possible.