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Javier Mauricio Bruges Martelo

Javier Maurico Bruges Martelo Master Student at KSOP
Javier Maurico Bruges Martelo Master Student at KSOP

Can you tell me who you are and where you are from.

I was born in Colombia. I am an electrical engineer and I obtained my bachelor degree in 2008 in Colombia. That same year, I moved to Argentina to work as an engineer. Then, in 2012, looking for career advancement, I decided to apply for a place on a Master’s program. A fellow student from my electrical engineering degree recommended KSOP . She had been in KSOP and graduated from the program a year before. So I decided to apply and now here I am in my last semester writing my thesis at ZEISS.


Could you tell us a bit about your work at ZEISS and the topic of your Master’s thesis ?

I am working in Industrial Metrology, where I am involved in the integration of a new concept sensor on a high-precision coordinate measurement machine. My main task is to enable the pose calibration of the sensor using existing calibrations from other optical sensors, and to carry out evaluations and modifications.


How do you like Oberkochen?

If we compare sizes and lifestyles, coming from Colombia or Argentina to Oberkochen is a big leap and a challenge. I really like my work and am enjoying the time in Oberkochen and Aalen. There are a lot of activities to do. For example, I’ve already gotten involved in the “Aktiv Mann” soccer team TSV-Oberkochen-Könnigsbronn, and that helps me to come into contact with people. I was also a member of one of the teams participating in the “Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Cup” this summer. Plus, I’m a new member of the ZEISS International Club . For my first month, I think it’s a really good start.


What do you like most about the KSOP Master’s Program and what part of your studies prepares you best for your career?

I really like the internationality of the program. The fact of having colleagues from so many different science and/or engineering backgrounds and having the opportunity to work with them and learn how they approach finding solutions enhances my expertise all the time. Also, meeting people from all over the world gives you a better perspective, as well as tolerance and enrichment in your personal growth.


What do you like most about your job at ZEISS?

I really like to work in my department as there are a lot of open-minded people who are willing to teach me. Of course, I am still at the learning stage. Working for ZEISS in Industrial Metrology gives me the opportunity to work with experienced colleagues and increase my knowledge.


What are your future plans?

I’ll finish my thesis in November and because of my industrial and engineering background, I will go more in this direction. A specific field is not clear as yet, but I like challenges and I am eager to learn more. I am still considering doing a PhD or an EngD.

Video interview with Javier Maurico Bruges Martelo