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Graduate School of the KIT

Optics Students Karlsruhe - OSKar


OSKar, Optics Students Karlsruhe, are a group of enthusiastic students coming from different academic and cultural backgrounds, united by their common interest in sharing optics and photonics knowledge. The mix of engineering, physics and optics students present in their team is the platform of diverse and complementary ideas that are materialized in their projects and events.

OSKar is part of a worldwide network of student chapters of the Optical Society of America, OSA, which is an association that aims to enhance cooperation between scientist, engineers, educators and business leaders working in the field of optics and photonics.

Their activities include the participation in meetings of the International OSA Network of Students, IONS, which is a great opportunity of networking and extending the knowledge of optics. Moreover, they regularly invite and host guest speakers from the OSA Travelling Lecturer Program. Furthermore they organise an internship fair, the Internship Icebreaker, with companies from the Optics & Photonics Industry who are looking for interns.


OSKar's efforts have recently been recognized by the OSA which gave the 2011 Excellence Award for Student Chapters to OSKar for its "extraordinary efforts in areas such as advocacy, youth education and professional development programming".

OSKars welcomes everyone who is interested in the field and is connected to the region of Karlsruhe. For further information have a look on OSKar's facebook profile. 


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