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Graduate School of the KIT
Lecture by our premium partner


Industry Lecture by ZEISS - Business Innovation in Optics & Photonics

At KSOP you have the opportunity to attend an industry lecture instructed and presented by external innovation specialists of Research & Development, business and management departments of ZEISS. Here you will work in groups to create a new business idea.


  • Examples of existing Smart Mobile Device Applications
  • Brainstorming for ideas


Technology Introduction

  • Mobile Device Technology,
  • Optic Components,
  • Display Technology (LCD, OLED),
  • Tracking and Sensor Technologies in Smart Mobile Devices


Group Work & Group Presentations Technology

Business Case Development /
Business Plan
Management of Intellectual
Property (IP)
Project Design
Market Segmentation Importance of IP Management How to run an agile R&D Project?
Market Research Patent Research Target Costing
Essentials of Finance Licencing Networked Product Development
How to write a Business Plan Patent Infingement Agile Project Simulation
Patent Litigation
  • Presentation of results of the group work to the new business experts committee of the Carl Zeiss AG


Excursion to Carl Zeiss AG in Oberkochen (full day)