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Graduate School of the KIT


Picture of Levon
Levon did an internship at IMT

Tell me who you are and where you come from.

I am Levon Yeghiazaryan from Yerevan, Armenia.

During your studies, what did you specialize in?

During my Bachelor in Yerevan State University I was mainly focused on theoretical physics. But for making the things more real and tangible I decided to switch to more practical physics. For that reason I chose KSOP. Further in my studies in KSOP I specialized in plasmonics: very perspective and promising field.

Where are you now in academia or industry?

Now I am in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, holding research assistant position for 1 year in spectroscopy. This is a good experience which gives an opportunity to know other branch of the optics deeper and at the same time get acquainted with a new approach of eastern scientists.

What are your future plans?

In my future plans I’m coming back to Germany for PhD thesis either in university or in company, as I believe that fundamental research is more perceptible in Germany than in any other country in continental Europe.

Do you think KSOP prepared you for your career and in which way?

Yes. KSOP gave a huge boost for my academic carrier as it provides a full package of knowledge needed for further self development and progress. One should only eagerly grasp that knowledge.

What did you like most about KSOP?

Most probably the most which I liked about KSOP is that by giving a chance of studying in multicultural environment and at the same time with a well-structured and flexible program it opens up a new scope and worldview for me.





Updated: January 2015